Digital Client Magazines

Digital client magazines

The Internet is revolutionising the way many professional financial advisers are approaching business and, whether we like it or not, it is here to stay. The phenomenal growth of the Internet provides all organisations with the opportunity to capitalise from its vast potential and to interact with clients and prospects every second of the day.

Digital Client Magazines

Generate further repeat business opportunities and referrals from clients

Goldmine Media's fully personalised digital client magazines provide your business with a bimonthly 30-page consumer-facing personal finance magazine throughout the year. Each issue enables you to generate further repeat-business opportunities and referrals from your clients and to keep in regular contact with them as part of your client service proposition. The front cover of every issue is fully personalised and features your business name, logo (photograph if required), contact details and regulatory statement.

A highly cost-effective way to deploy by email or upload to your website

This is a highly cost-effective way of promoting your brand by providing information that your private clients and business audiences will find informative and timely, and can be deployed by email, uploaded to your website and linked to your social media marketing activities.

You can also set up a data capture form on your website that enables you to harvest visitor data before they are permitted to download a copy, and use this information for future marketing activities.

Digital Client Magazines

Nurture client relationships as part
of your ongoing service proposition

With smartphone and tablet devices becoming more closely integrated into sophisticated professional financial services consumer targeting, this service will also ensure that you're able to nurture client relationships as part of your ongoing client service proposition via the latest technologies and social media platforms.

Digital Client Magazines

The perfect solution to:

  • Include on your website for visitors to read online or download – set up a data capture form to harvest their data before they are permitted to download a copy, then use this for future marketing activities
  • Email to appropriate clients, prospects and professional introducers to create further new business opportunities
  • Add regularly changing website resource content to encourage repeat visitors
  • Build further existing client loyalty and improve brand awareness
  • Extend your online marketing to smartphone and tablet technology
  • Use in conjunction with emarketing campaigns
  • Improve your website search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings
  • Use for blog and social media editorial content

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