Tax Data Cards for 2020/21

Fully personalised data cards, providing valuable information to clients and prospects throughout the year.

Featuring your business name and logo, contact details, regulatory statement, and colour pallet throughout, these are the perfect marketing touch point. Your fully personalised digital 2020/21 Taxation & Allowances data cards will give your clients, prospective clients and professional introducers all the key tax rates, allowances and information they need covering both personal and business taxation.

This is a highly cost-effective way of promoting your brand to private clients and prospective business audiences to create further business opportunities and enquiries.

Fully personalised digital 2020/21 Taxation & Allowances data cards are the perfect solution to:

  • Send to your highest-revenue-generating clients to communicate this timely information and generate further new business opportunities and leads
  • Use for referral prospecting – ask clients, ‘Who else do you know that would like to receive a complimentary 2020/21 Tax Data card copy?’ – and add them to your mailing list to create further business opportunities
  • Dual brand and send to the clients of a professional introducer
  • Include as part of a client or prospect marketing pack
  • Send to members of an employee benefits scheme to generate enquiries
  • Include the digital format on your website knowledge or resources section
  • Use the print format as part of a direct mail marketing campaign
  • Use the digital format as part of an email marketing campaign
  • Upload the digital format to your website for visitors to view, read or download, and ‘refer to a friend’
  • Use to further enhance existing client loyalty and brand awareness
  • Use the digital format to attract and retain more website traffic and enhance SEO rankings
  • Post content on your blog
  • Email digital format to clients and use for social media activities

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