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AHR Private Wealth is an independent financial services provider with offices spanning five continents.

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AHR Private Wealth is an independent financial services provider with offices spanning five continents. They are a global boutique wealth management company offering expatriate clients market-leading, cross-border financial advisory services.

Their approach to wealth management is a partnership built on analysis and ideas. This supportive relationship equips global clients to make better-informed decisions and confidently plan for their future.

AHR Private Wealth work closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their wealth situation, a complete understanding of their concerns and objectives, and provide the support to enable them to achieve their financial goals.


Goldmine Media were commissioned to produce a bi-monthly luxury client-facing wealth and lifestyle magazine for AHR Private Wealth clients. The editorial content had to be relevant to their target client base of wealthy expatriate clients and cover a variety of subjects, from wealth management, to lifestyle topics covering travel, technology, and art and for the magazine to showcase how they differentiate from the competition.

The magazine had to achieve the following five outcomes for AHR Private Wealth:


The team at Goldmine Media, using our expert market knowledge of premium services and products, created a bi-monthly magazine titled ‘Aspire Magazine.’ This bold strategic idea from our complete in-house design studio and editorial teams delivered a premium publication that would appeal to a savvy international audience of expatriate clients.

Aspire Magazine combines the latest wealth management news with lifestyle inspiration from around the globe.


Just a few months after launch, ‘Aspire Magazine’ was already beginning to shift perceptions in line with the objectives set out for it.

The magazine substantially increased the perception of AHR Private Wealth being an ‘innovative,’ ‘modern’, and ‘caring’ company.

The results suggest ‘Aspire Magazine’ will be indispensable in helping AHR Private Wealth grow and deepen its connection with its target client base of wealthy expatriates.

Aspire Magazine forms a key part of the AHR Group's objective advice and solutions proposition.

William Burrows
Group Managing Director
CEO – AHR Group


Having navigated significant volatility over the past decade, wealth management brands have an exceptional opportunity to continue to capture growth over the next.

To do so, they must truly understand their clients – and recognise how they are changing. They are evolving in terms of their advice requirements, the drivers of their decisions, and how they want to be engaged – most notably in digital channels.

In the ultra-competitive world of wealth management, deeper insight on clients is essential to creating value and protecting the brand heritage and business in the future.

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