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Content marketing is the new strategy for search engine optimisation (SEO) and for building a trust relationship with your audience. While a blog can be foundational for any marketing plan, they aren’t for everyone. The good news for non-bloggers is that content marketing is still possible, and we have included some tips below that show this to be the case.

Not only are these excellent ways to participate in content marketing without a blog, they can also be used as a supplement if you have an already booming blogging schedule.

Create an ‘ultimate guide’
The world of online content is overwhelming, and your audience will reward you for finding and organising that content in a useful manner. Ultimate guides are single web pages that organise a series of links and resources around a single subject. As the curator of an ultimate guide, your job is to provide value to your audience by finding and curating the best resources available online.
If you don’t have a blog, you may not have a home for this ultimate guide. Just make sure you include some links back to your social media profile or non-blog website.

Aggregate value for your audience
What is it that your audience needs the most? News, helpful information and how-to content is easy to come by, but what about some of the other things that they value? Your audience will value your effort in collecting and organising content that matters to them. This one is very easy, but you will have to stay at it in order to build a reputation of trust.

We advise our clients to keep it simple – don’t let your ideas get too complex. Your content marketing idea needs to be unique and attainable. The number one factor in your success will be consistency, so choose your topic and project wisely.

Make an infographic with found data
Infographics are growing in their popularity because they are easy to enjoy and share. The highly visual nature of social networks like Pinterest has made them additionally appealing. The good news is that data is public. While much of it on its own may not be very interesting, if you take the time to pull related data together, you can develop something that will impress and excite your audience.

Goldmine Media can help you design and develop your high-quality infographic, so you don’t have to rely on your own design abilities. Presenting a high-quality graphic will ultimately bring more value.

Create a Pinterest board
Pinterest has been around for a few years now, which means that there is a pin board for pretty much everything. Pinterest boards offer yet another opportunity to curate found content around a key subject. With Pinterest, however, the content is highly visual and very engaging. Some industries may fare better that others with this method, but thinking outside the box is worth your time.

Pinterest is an exciting network that offers a unique audience mixture to the social web. While it has its pros and cons, it is important to understand how your own audience might fit into the Pinterest equation.

Give away slides
A hidden social gem that many of us miss is It allows you to upload your slides from any presentation into a simple online viewer. The viewer can then be embedded on your website or included with additional elements of content.

Understand your audience. Spend some time reviewing your slides to make sure that they can stand on their own. Remember – you won’t be there to fill in the gaps!

Inspirational nuggets
Quotes, quips and general phrases of encouragement are fun to create and share across the Web. If you have graphic design abilities, it can be fun to create these using Photoshop to enhance their appeal on social networks like Pinterest.

Start, conduct and share a Twitter chat
Twitter chats are conducted across many users through the use of Twitter hashtags. These unique identifiers allow the conversations to be connected together in a way that allows anyone and everyone to follow along.

If you aren’t ready to start a new chat, try joining one of the many that are going on already. Perhaps your unique contribution could be taking notes on the chat and organising key points to share with the group later.

Jim Kirk, Senior Consultant, Goldmine Media

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