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Burley Fox website case study: A “digital first” perspective 

Burley Fox website redesign case study

Burley Fox, a full-service boutique financial services firm, had specific goals when developing a new website.

New website goal objectives: 

  • Improve their website marketing efforts to drive traffic and generate more targeted leads
  • Create a sales tool that would help generate business opportunities by validating and supporting adviser communications
  • Simplify their content management so updates are more accessible and faster
  • Bolster client satisfaction through a better service proposition
  • Attract and recruit new employees
  • Grow the company’s bottom line

Get attention first, then tell more in simple words

Goldmine Media worked closely with Burley Fox on evolving its online presence. The goal was to capture the forward-looking attitude of the business, starting from a “digital first” perspective.

We developed the concept for messages: get attention first, then tell more in simple words. This was the formal basis for the new website’s tone of voice. We also developed a bright and light picture world, capturing moments in people’s lives.


In a world where everything is done online, it’s hard for financial firms to stand out. Burley Fox faced a big challenge when they wanted to make a website that would help them reach their goals and please their clients at the same time. They needed to ensure people would enjoy using the website and find the information they were looking for.


Identifying the target audience and creating a design and story that visually appealed to them was crucial. As such, this meant creating a lifestyle-centric rather than a product-driven site. Because of this, the site needed to be easily engageable with clear calls to action at key points throughout the site.


With the increasing use of smartphone browsing, the website needed to display well on all mobile and tablet devices. As such, it was essential to consider the new website’s mobile experience when designing it.


The new site needed an enhanced digital experience with a range of new features and capabilities. The aim was to make financial planning easier, faster and more convenient.


Users needed to trust the website with sensitive information, including personal data. Because of this, ensuring the security of the new website and Client Login was essential. As such, we implemented the right measures, such as SSL certificates.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) was an important aspect of the website. We had to follow SEO best practices to ensure that search engines could easily index and rank the website.


The website needed to load quickly and be optimised correctly so pages would appear fast on any device. Doing this increased user satisfaction and engagement.


The new website needed to be designed to not only follow Burley Fox’s brand style but also in a way that reflected its mission and values. A primarily white brand design would make the new site clear and simple.


Content needed to be planned and presented on the website so search engines could index it easily. Doing this gives each visitor a reason to keep returning and allows easy communication. A Knowledge Centre section featuring a Digital Magazine, Market Reviews, and Document Centre would need to feature to achieve this.

Fully integrated digital marketing strategy

Goldmine Media proposed a fully integrated digital marketing strategy to achieve Burley Fox’s objectives during the new site launch. The aim is to provide all clients with best-in-class tools and technology to empower them to grow, protect and preserve their personal wealth and assets. Regardless of where they sit on the wealth spectrum, it gives clients the confidence to make smart decisions when managing their money.


Goldmine Media started by looking at how people behave on different platforms, like social media, email, websites, and mobile apps. We gathered all this data to see how well each platform did for clients. Doing so helps understand clients better and measures how effectively each platform performs its job.

Results of client analysis

  • The analysis provided a complete view of clients’ behaviours, which has resulted in several organisational benefits.
  • The advice team have been empowered with high-value leads based on the insights derived from client analytics.
  • Major efficiencies have been gained from manual processes to automated web-based client services and management systems. This enables analytics and data-driven marketing decisions to be made quickly and easily.

Website performance matters; what the numbers show

User experience: User experience (UX) outcomes increased by 83% 3 months after launch.

Visitor retention: The average site bounce rate reduced from 68%, down to 19%, from all traffic sources.

Conversions and sales: Content downloads, offers, and completed contact forms increased by 303%.

Brand perception: Results showed a 402% increase in brand perception from existing and prospective new clients.

Mobile experience: Opting for a “digital first” approach has resulted in a ‘primary platform’ increase of 354% in site visitors.

SEO: Over 71% of all website traffic is from organic search, up from 29% – additional Knowledge Centre content generates 63% of visitor traffic.

Improved operations and increased profitability

The new website has been well received by clients and visitors alike, with many praising its ease of use and design. Burley Fox is now confident in their ability to attract new leads, optimise client service efforts and keep employees engaged. They are also pleased with its positive impact on their bottom line.

Goldmine Media is proud to have collaborated with Burley Fox on this project. We believe it’s a great example of how financial services firms can use a “digital first” perspective to improve their operations and increase profitability. As they continue down the path of digital transformation, we look forward to seeing what successes come next for Burley Fox.

Contact us today to learn how Goldmine can design and build an effective website for your organisation. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and become a success story like Burley Fox.

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