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Burley Fox, a full-service boutique financial services firm, had specific goals in mind when it came to developing a new website.

A “digital first” perspective.

Burley Fox, a full-service boutique financial services firm, had specific goals in mind when it came to developing a new website.

Get attention first, then tell more in simple words.

Goldmine Media collaborated closely with Burley Fox on evolving their online presence to capture the forward-looking attitude of the business, starting from a “digital first” perspective. We developed the concept for messages: get attention first, then tell more in simple words. This was the formal basis for the new website tone of voice. We also developed a bright and light picture world, capturing moments in the lives of people.


In an increasingly digitised world, any service brand’s biggest challenge is to truly differentiate itself. This is difficult on a technology level, as revolutionary breakthroughs are rare and quickly adapted by the competition. The challenge was creating a website that would deliver on Burley Fox’s goals, meet the user’s expectations, and also provide an enjoyable experience.

Audience: It was essential to identify the target audience of the website visitors and create a design and narrative that would aesthetically and editorially appeal to them – this meant creating a site that was lifestyle centric rather than product driven, and making engagement easy with clear calls-to-action at key points throughout the site.

Mobile-Friendliness: With the increasing use of smartphone browsing, the website needed to display well on all mobile and tablet devices, which meant it was essential to consider the new website’s mobile experience when designing it.

Usability: The new site needed to offer an enhanced digital experience with a range of new features and capabilities with the aim of making financial planning easier, faster and more convenient.

Adaptability: The website needed to adapt to different platforms, browsers and devices. This was important to provide a consistent experience across all users, no matter what technology they used.

Security: Users needed to be able to trust the website with sensitive information including personal data, so it was essential to ensure the security of the new website and Client Login by implementing the right measures, such as SSL certificates.

SEO: Search engine optimisation (SEO) was an important aspect of the website and had to follow SEO best practices to make sure that search engines would be able to easily index and rank the website, making it easier to find organically online.

Accessibility: It was important to consider the needs of users with disabilities; ensuring that the website was accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities, to ensure a positive user experience for all.

Performance: The website needed to load pages quickly and be optimised correctly so that pages would appear fast on any device, leading to increased user satisfaction and engagement.

Branding: The new website needed to be designed to not only follow Burley Fox’s brand style but also in a way that reflected their mission and values. A predominantly white brand design would make the new site clear and simple.

Content: Content needed to be planned and presented on the website so that it could be indexed easily by the search engines and provide each visitor with a reason to keep returning and to effectively communicate with users – to achieve this a Knowledge Centre section featuring a Digital Magazine, Market Reviews and Document Centre would need to feature.

Fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

To achieve Burley Fox’s website goal objectives, Goldmine Media proposed as part of the new site launch a fully integrated digital marketing strategy. The aim being to provide all clients with best-in-class tools and technology to empower them to grow, protect and preserve their personal wealth and assets – regardless of where they sit on the wealth spectrum and to provide clients with the confidence to make smart decisions when it comes to managing their money.


Goldmine Media’s approach began with assessing behavioural data from various channels, including programmatic media, paid social, email, website, mobile app, and webinars. We integrated data to gain a comprehensive understanding of client behaviours and measure channel performance.

Optimising experience delivery.

To optimise user experience delivery, Goldmine Media implemented a scoring engine to calculate engagement scores for clients through both a line-of-business and campaign lens across all interactions with Burley Fox. These scores were used to determine how to create experiences within digital communication channels.

Additionally, the engine allowed Burley Fox to govern how and when leads would be provided to the company’s different advisory teams. This ensured that specialised advisers, with limited capacity and resources, optimised their time spent converting leads.

Bringing together marketing data allowed Burley Fox to gain holistic insights into their clients’ journeys, personalise interactions, and empower their advisers with better leads. The success of the project built excitement across the organisation and maximised the value of the collaboration.

Results of client analysis.


Website performance matters, what the numbers show:
0 %
User experience (UX) outcomes increased 3 months after launch.
0 %
Bounce rate, reduced from 68%, from all traffic sources.
0 %
'Primary platform' increase of site visitors.
0 %
Increase in brand perception from existing and prospective new clients.

Improved operations and increased profitability.

The new website has been well received by clients and visitors alike, with many praising its ease of use and design. Burley Fox is now confident in their ability to attract new leads, optimise client service efforts and keep employees engaged. They are also pleased with the positive impact it has had on the organisation’s bottom line.

Goldmine Media is proud to have collaborated with Burley Fox on this project and believes it’s a great example of how financial services firms can use a “digital first” perspective to improve their operations and increase profitability. As they continue down the path of digital transformation, we look forward to seeing what successes come next for Burley Fox.

To learn more about how Goldmine can design and build an effective website for your organisation, contact us today. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and become a success story like Burley Fox.

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