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How to choose a Financial Services Agency

Oliver Taylor Digital marketing

Seeing beyond disruption to the opportunity is what will set successful organisations apart.

With today’s changing world where the client is more connected than ever, digital marketing is key for survival. Within the financial service sector, some organisations are finding themselves in a period of catchup. As more clients choose to bank, pay and acquire financial products online, the need for an updated marketing strategy is paramount.

For those personal finance and wealth management organisations with a traditional business model, finding the right digital marketing agency can be daunting. If you’ve not done much in the digital space before, where do you start? 

Selecting the right specialist agency is about finding a team of people you can partner with, bounce ideas around with, collaborate with, as well as totally rely on to work independently. A marketing facility within a highly regulated and monitored industry such as finance needs to be both creative and analytical. It’s a delicate balance. Here are some of the things to look for when searching for your ideal partner.

A specialist agency with a track record

The most important factor to consider when choosing your marketing agency is their experience. Not just as marketers and online campaign experts, but as marketing creatives with specialist knowledge of financial services and how the industry works.  

Your chosen agency should be clued up on the ins and outs of compliance, and must understand the opportunities and challenges that an organisation like yours is facing. They should have worked with similar companies within your sector and must know the pressure your industry is currently under. 

Increasingly, regulation is affecting the financial service industry in many ways, with tighter controls than ever before. And working with a digital marketing team who already understand the risks, threats and pitfalls will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches in the long run.

They should also have deep knowledge of your competitor market, and be able to show you examples of projects they have delivered for some of their other clients.  

Digital innovation 

The financial services industry is at a tipping point—either disrupt or get disrupted. As startups and financial technology firms entice new and changing clients that demand customised and targeted experiences, is your organisation ready to compete?

More and more clients are using apps to manage their money, and they’re even turning to chatbots to resolve certain issues or queries. There’s also a shift from multi-channel marketing to omni-channel, as clients demand a better experience when they deal with their favourite brands. 

There is also a seismic shift that will continue to impact on the investment management industry, from blockchain and advanced analytics to demographic shifts and robotic regulators, the industry is facing big changes. 

In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to work with an agency with the ideas and know-how to help your organisation innovate. Ideally, they should offer a full range of digital services and will be able to provide either a singular solution or cross-channel communication to help you grow. Look for capabilities  that span everything from top-level strategy and planning to producing amazing content and bringing your brand to life on social media. 

If you want to gain a competitive edge, you’ll definitely want to find a specialist team who are the doers as well as thinkers. They need to be able to deliver as well as conceptualise, and they should have a good talent pool of creatives and campaign managers who are all experts in their field. 

Mix of large and small clients

While an agency that’s worked with the biggest brands in the world might seem like an aspirational choice, there are many benefits to working with agencies who have a mix of experience with companies of all sizes. A track record showing both large and small clients means that your marketing team has diverse experience. Not only in the type of work they do, but also in the way they collaborate. Because working with organisations at every level ensures a better perspective.

This means the agency will have just as much experience in helping startups gain traction or small businesses improve brand awareness as they have in managing international campaigns for established firms. And having worked with clients at every level, they’ll understand the differences in culture of a small, family run business as opposed to a big global conglomerates.

Every good digital marketing agency should also be able to show you or discuss examples of work they have done before. Whether they have detailed case studies or a portfolio available to view on their website, knowing who they’ve worked for and what they’ve done can be helpful in your decision. 

A deep understanding of compliance

Another extremely important factor when looking for a financial services digital marketing agency is their knowledge of compliance and regulations. This of course comes with experience in the industry. If they have a proven track record within your sector (whether that be investment management, insurance, mortgages, wealth management or professional services), they will know exactly what they’re doing. 

Having a team on board who don’t need to be completely guided or directed in this area not only saves you time, but it gives you a sense of trust and peace of mind. This is especially important if you’re busy on other tasks and require your marketing managers to work autonomously. Your selected agency should feature compliance measures in their strategy and planning, and need to have the instinct and know-how to build beautiful apps and websites that meet regulatory standards, as well as compelling, relevant content that abides by industry guidelines.

Measurable results 

Finally, it’s vital that your selected marketing agency is able to give you excellent return on investment. At Goldmine Media, we pride ourselves in being a results-driven agency, helping companies like yours unleash success and stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Our strategy and planning service is done through an immersive process, allowing us to get to know your business and develop a bespoke strategy. Our tailored approach ensures that we can maximise impact across your entire brand at every touchpoint.

With our strategy, we’ll cover research and target market definition as well as planning and brand positioning. But most importantly, we’ll make sure there’s measurement and reporting so you know exactly what’s being achieved at each stage.

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