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Why content marketing is still king to your clients

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Managing client expectations, staying in touch and providing emotional engagement

Content marketing is still king to your clients in today’s rapidly changing financial and professional service sectors, in addition to juggling and complying with regulation such as MiFID II and GDPR, and advising clients amid challenging market and geopolitical conditions, it’s even more important that you keep totally focused on each client. Managing client expectations, staying in touch with them and providing emotional engagement go hand in hand with all of the other challenges you may be facing.

Become more disruptive to your competitors

To put it simply, all financial professionals need to continually communicate to their clients so that they understand the value being provided to them, and why they should continue to pay ongoing fees. Those who are able to successfully manage their clients’ expectations will ultimately improve retention, and their bottom lines, and become more disruptive to their competitors.

According to the findings of a Thomson Reuters report, Digitalisation of Wealth Management 2018, keeping up with new technology, staying relevant to the next generation of investors and finding ways to integrate artificial intelligence into investment decision-making and into the client service process are some of the key issues facing the wealth management industry today.

Greatest impact on the wealth management industry

The report reveals that 68% say learning about and keeping up with new technology is the top challenge they face, while 69% are concerned about staying relevant to a younger generation of investors, and 41% say advanced analytics and cognitive technologies will have the greatest impact on the wealth management industry over the next three years.

At Goldmine Media, our mantra has always been that financial professionals should provide a constant flow of client communication, which is necessary in order to maintain a solid relationship with them. The logical solution is to utilise content marketing which has become a standard part of most engagement across most other service sectors. This is proven by the fact that over 53% of all businesses within the service sectors are utilising this channel today in some way or another.

Attract, maintain, nurture and convert

For businesses looking to not only reach out to clients but to do so with value and increased engagement, content marketing is a highly effective, long-standing solution. With the right channels and platforms and a clear understanding of your target client persona, it is a valuable tool for any financial or professional services firm, regardless of the size. Through aligning your content with your prospective and existing client base, you can attract, maintain, nurture and convert those that are most likely to want to employ your services and expertise.

The use of content marketing provides financial or professional services firms with the opportunity to capture each stage of the marketing funnel. Every user, whether they’re in the awareness stage, the consideration stage or the final conversion stage, can be reached using different types of content and then engaged and encouraged through to the final purchase or action. At Goldmine Media, our team can help you identify what content is best for each stage.

Guidesclient-facing marketing guides are perfect for generating further repeat-business opportunities and lead generation. Whether uploading each guide to your website, emailing a copy or using in conjunction with social media marketing activities, besides creating an opportunity to inform and touch a client, you’re also achieving greater brand and name recognition.

Factsheets – ideal for client engagement, retention and for generating new business opportunities and referrals. Uploading digital efactsheets to your website news, knowledge or resource area adds another layer of communication and can be used to email to both existing and new prospective clients, and for social media marketing activities.

Video – video marketing is undoubtedly growing in popularity, with YouTube firmly establishing itself as a very influential social media website. Currently, video marketing makes up approximately 80% of all online traffic and will continue to grow, making it perfect for social media integration and to capture the next generation of younger investors such as Millennials and the iGeneration.

Images/Infographics – with readers typically paying closer attention to visual content (even text on top of images) compared to standard text on a page, images and infographics have quickly become a leading content form and should be used as part of both traditional and digital marketing activities.

Long-Form Content – prospective clients want as much information as they can get about a particular product or service they are looking for, such as a particular type of investment. Increasingly, content of 2,000 words or more that offers valuable, in-depth information is more likely to have greater client engagement success and lead to any enquiry.

Podcasts – podcasts are an often overlooked content form that is still highly popular today. Over 44% of the population have listened to a podcast at least once, meaning you have the potential to reach a significant number of prospective new clients with a simple recording.

The power behind content marketing is clear, and we believe it should sit at the core of any offline or online client communication or engagement process. Content marketing offers financial professionals the opportunity to increase their visibility, build brand awareness, and drive sales and traffic.

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