Creating a landing page that boosts your conversion rate is vital

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As grabbing the attention of prospective clients online gets increasingly harder with so much distraction and competition, and so many forms of communication on the Internet alone, you may be left wondering how to develop your landing page into that gateway which will attract potential new leads.

Creating a landing page that boosts your conversion rate is vital, especially when you consider the fact it costs your business every time someone lands on the page – your main aim should be to overwrite that cost.

Below are some useful tips to help your landing page engage your visitors:

1. Keep your calls-to-action consistent
The main objective of your landing page should be to get the visitor to act. It will more than likely be the first time they have visited your site, therefore you need to make it as simple as possible for them to follow up, as well as giving them a reason to journey on through to your website.

When including links, it may be best to stick to just having one on the page (two including privacy policy). However, if you feel you do actually need to have a number of links, then avoid interchanging format styles – keep them the same and your anchor text as concise as possible.

2. Link to useful and relevant information
Ensure your links take your prospective clients directly to a page where they can interact further, or at least link to something useful for you as a company, whether it be them signing up to a mailing list or otherwise. Links that take visitors to a page with no relevance and useless information are simply a waste of time.

3. Avoid too much clutter
If a room was full of clutter, you wouldn’t want to sit in it, so why would anyone want to stay on a page, or delve further into it, if it is full of unnecessary links, photos, headings and forms?

The answer to that is: they wouldn’t. So, on your landing page, only include the most relevant information. Avoid including long forms for your prospective clients to fill out, because it could push them away. Simplicity, yet encapsulation, is key.

4. Make your page visually engaging
Internet users stumble across hundreds of websites a week, so for yours to stand out, it needs to be visually engaging. In doing this, you should also keep in mind that it is still just your landing page, so try and make it as simple as possible. Have fresh ideas which grab the attention of the visitor. Remember to include headings, sub-headings and a bit of imagery to liven up the page.

5. Colour is good…but not too much
Finally, contrasting colour is a timeless way of catching the eye of your audience, as well as colour alone capturing emotions and encouraging consumers to engage. Colour may be just one element, but it can impact the way your company is viewed through psychological connotations. However, avoid using too much colour. You don’t want to overload your viewer with an abundance of colours. It will scare them off and could potentially look garish.

These tips can be the fatal yes or no for a prospective client choosing to delve further into your company’s page, potentially costing you money rather than generating new business. Avoid making these errors on your landing page and you should see your conversion rate improve in no time.

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media

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