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All financial advisory firms today must integrate social media marketing into their marketing mix by creating great content and delivering this across a multi-channel platform.

Below is Goldmine Media’s eight-step guide to creating a successful social media marketing strategy:

1. Get focused
Who are you speaking to? Provide content that communicates with your clients and prospects in a language they understand.

2. Create goals for your content
What are you trying to achieve – capturing emails, providing leads, nurturing prospects or improving your visibility to search engines?

Do you want to make the content so entertaining that it helps make your brand memorable and remarkable, and do you want the message to become viral? When designing your content, make sure it is not content for content’s sake, but is assisting you in growing your business.

3. Become a publisher
Write blog articles, email them regularly to your ‘opt-in’ subscribers, tweet the links to your Twitter followers and promote on Facebook.

4. Solve problems
Everyone has problems, and helping your clients and prospects solve them will take them from interested readers to evangelists for your business. Write content that shows people how to fix their problems that are relevant to the financial industry.

5. Include calls-to-action
Don’t forget to include calls-to-action with your content. It could be to subscribe, share or register for an ezine, brochure, catalogue or whitepaper. Calls-to-action will lead prospects towards your ultimate goal, whether this is to provide and capture data for future marketing activities or to place an order.

6. Show what works
Case studies that ‘show’ how your products are used are much more effective than ‘telling’. Create content that showcases how other clients are using your products and services to achieve success.

7. Publish everywhere
Publish on all social media channels that are used by your clients. Make your content ubiquitous – place it everywhere from hubs (blog or website) to outposts (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter).

8. Create multimedia
Not everyone likes reading. In fact, the younger generation generally reads and views content in many formats, including online videos on YouTube. The social web is about rich multimedia that engages interest and communicates visually, not just the written word.

Publish your content in several different formats and media types that your clients will like and enjoy. Some examples of these are video, audio (podcast), photos, whitepaper, infographics and ezines.

How have you used and optimised your content for your social networks and marketing?

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media

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