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Email marketing isn’t dead

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Email marketing may seem outdated compared to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, but to this day it still remains one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for financial advisers.

Email marketing isn’t dead – in fact, it’s more important than ever.

No other digital marketing channel can cut through the noise of busy newsfeeds quite like email. An engaging, creative email can capture the recipient’s sole attention for at least a couple of seconds. When you compare that to a plain text ad in Google search results or one of the many newsfeed ads in Facebook, an email inbox is prime marketing real estate available at a relatively inexpensive price.

So, how do you create an effective email design for your next marketing campaign? Here are Goldmine Media’s top five tips to help make your email design shine:

1. Take pride in your email’s appearance

Your emails always need to be professionally designed, aesthetically pleasing and packed with relevant content that your audience will find useful and engaging. You should always take pride in your email’s appearance, as it’s a direct reflection of your brand values. Be sure to include your logo at the top of every email in order to create trust, familiarity and integrate seamlessly with your existing online presence. Your audience should instantly recognise every email communication you send to them, so it’s best to come up with a consistent style that can easily be tweaked and adapted for future marketing campaigns.

2. Create an attention-grabbing email marketing header

The header of your email design is prime real estate. After opening your email, it’s the first thing that your audience will see. Ensure that your header design is easy to skim-read, bold and attention-grabbing, without being overdone. Include a compelling headline at the top which instantly communicates the value you’re offering. It could be as simple as an exclusive offer, promotion or even a featured piece of content. You’ll need to tie in your primary offering with a simple call-to-action above the fold – don’t be afraid to ask your subscribers to take action right away.

3. Write for your audience

It’s important to keep your email messaging simple and focus on promoting one primary offering at a time. Don’t bombard your audience with mixed messaging and multiple calls-to-action. Include one featured topic and support that with secondary content. It helps to break up your editorial as much as possible with clean headings, sub-headings and bullet points. You should always use short sentences and paragraphs which helps to make your email content easier to skim-read. Think about your tone, be personable and write for your audience. It is also worth double checking your editorial for spelling mistakes.

4. Draw attention to all of the right places

Your email design should always make a visual impact – images speak louder than words. You should incorporate eye-catching imagery which supports the message you’re trying to convey. Make sure that you draw attention to all of the right places, choose your colours wisely and make sure that your headlines and buttons stand out.

5. Ensure your email marketing is responsive

All of your email designs should be responsive and render correctly on all popular mobile devices. Be sure to think about how your email design will be delivered to those on smartphone or tablets. Most popular email marketing applications include visual testing tools so you can quickly and easily see how your email displays on portable devices. Make sure you test every single campaign and tweak your design to benefit on-the-go recipients.

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media