Ensuring your website works on all platforms

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SEO in a mobile environment is not the same as in a desktop environment. Google uses an entirely different search algorithm for a mobile website compared to traditional search, and users want answers fast or they’ll move on to other websites.

These factors are critical for financial advisory firms using SEO. However without taking these into consideration the likelihood for getting found online is significantly reduced.

Ensuring your corporate website works on mobile

For starters, the user experience in a mobile search is much more important for scoring high rankings. If pages take a long time to load the mobile user will leave the site.

If your visitors have to click all over the place or search for small call-to-action buttons, they’re not going to stay for long.

When mobile users are met with discomfort, they bounce, so you can be sure Google is taking notice of this.

Responsive website design means that mobile designers must dedicate considerable effort to reducing redirects and bounces caused by excessive load time.

Also, always keep in mind that screens for phones and tablets are much smaller. Don’t write headlines or meta-descriptions longer than 60 to 100 characters, respectively.

To be successful at mobile SEO, financial advisers must redesign their sites with responsive design that works on all platforms.

This ensures that users have a great experience regardless of whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet or PC. The content they view will be automatically formatted for the device they’re using.

At Goldmine Media, our websites are built using responsive coding to ensure that your site can be viewed on the latest technologies, from widescreen desktop computers to tablet devices and smartphones.

To provide your website visitors with a great experience. Please contact us today for further information.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Goldmine Media