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Metrics for financial advisers to track?

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Tracking the measurements of your website’s performance will help you grow your business online. For financial advisers, this means taking a look at the top Google Analytics metrics that assist in building credibility and trust that are so vital for conversion later on.

Below are four key measurements that impact these aspects and should be checked regularly:

Bounce rate metrics

When it comes to Google Analytics metrics, the bounce rate determines whether your visitors are immediately leaving your website after only seeing one page.

A high bounce rate means that ether the content they are trying to find is difficult to locate or simply that the landing page is not what they expected. Either way, your visitors aren’t finding what they are looking for.

Bounce rates are very important to monitor because they could signal that you need to adjust your calls-to-action. Landing pages or content/navigation structure.


The advantage of digital marketing is that you are able to see what works and what doesn’t, all in real-time. This is why keeping a close eye on content that attracts your market is key.

Content marketing is at the core of the Web experience and is vital for new and returning visitors. Without the relevant information, how can you expect to optimise and organise your content strategies?

Traffic source metrics

Where has your traffic come from? Is it through organic search, direct traffic, referral traffic or social media? This is essential knowledge to understand how people find you online. However, if you find out that most people find you through social media, then increasing your social media efforts will not only help to boost traffic but also enable you to build strategies based on the information.

By the same token, indicating where you are performing poorly will also help you fill in the necessary gaps in your marketing strategy.

Time spent

Keeping your target audience engaged with your website for as long as possible is one of the fundamental concepts of online marketing.

Longer durations of time indicate that your website visitors are actively reading and are generally interested in what you are posting.

Time spent is a great indicator of the health of your content as well. Is there room for improvement, or should you consider other forms of engaging material? These questions will become apparent as you spend more time on analytics.

However, by no means does this mean that these are the only metrics to look at, but the opportunity is there for financial advisers to take in all the information provided and turn it into something useful and tangible.

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media