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Financial advisers develop an omnichannel marketing approach

Communications trends now at play for all financial advice firms

The financial advice industry is both a highly competitive and highly regulated sector. Cost per client acquisition is high, and encouraging client loyalty in younger, more digitally savvy audiences is challenging given that new challenger platforms and aggregator services are increasingly targeting them. And we mustn’t lose sight of the fact these are the clients of the future. So what does this all mean for marketing strategies going forward?

Understanding the marketing communications trends now at play is imperative for all financial advice firms. This requires developing an omnichannel marketing approach to deliver appropriate and relevant content across different channels that ties together to create a unified message, without becoming repetitive.

Gain a greater understanding of what matters most

Research from Google has determined that there are significant patterns over a calendar year when people are more engaged about certain financial products at certain times of the year.

When you understand how your prospective audience is searching, and what they’re searching for, you then gain a greater understanding of what matters most to them – and that’s an advantage for any firm.

You’re also able to put the right information they are likely to be searching for, in front of them, at the right time. To achieve this successfully you need to reach out to them through multiple omnichannels.

Google identified five general key themes why people purchase financial advice products or services:

1. Convenience
2. Reassurance
3. Value
4. Inspiration
5. Uniqueness

Consumers typically start their financial advice journey with an online search

For many consumers of financial service advice, search is the first step to assessing their options. Whether they are looking for Individual Savings Accounts, pensions advice, investment advice or other products and services, consumers typically start their journey with an online search.

Mobile searches related to financial planning and wealth management have grown and in our mobile-first world, many searches are run on smartphones. There is a clear trend towards providing clients with intuitive, mobile-first, personalised financial offerings.

Shift from desktop-dominant searching to mobile-dominant searching

Mobile devices have already made a tremendous impact on the financial services industry in the previous few years, and they will continue to play an even bigger role in future. Google reports that 82% of people consult their phone regarding financial information before choosing to take a particular action.

There is a shift from desktop-dominant searching to mobile-dominant searching and conversion, with significant increases in the number of mobile queries relating to financial advice, financial adviser locations and online calculators relating to retirement.

In 2021, Google reported that:

Mobile queries for “retirement calculator” increased by 115% over the previous two years, reaching consumers planning for retirement.

Mobile queries for “financial adviser near me” have grown by over 60% in the past two years.

More than ever, consumers are using local searches to find and evaluate financial services providers in their vicinity.

Mobile queries for “financial advice” have increased by 75% in the last 2 years.

Financial services consumers are increasingly making searches on their mobile devices — placing click-to-call extensions on your paid ads will create a seamless link from searching online to speaking with your firm.

Building loyalty that generates further new business opportunities

The Google data indicates that consumers are carrying out extensive research around potential providers, challenging loyalty and searching direct providers as well as comparison sites. Google also suggests that an omnichannel marketing approach that is holistic, personalised, automated, and granular is the most effective way for financial advice firms to build loyalty and generate further new business opportunities.

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