A well-defined strategic approach that elevates your brand's creativity


Goldmine Media’s expertise is focused on financial services. Our clients consistently request that we start our collaboration with a strategic phase, setting the stage for focused and impactful creative and design work on their brand. The aim is to achieve a distinctive approach to differentiate your brand from its competitors.

We start the process by gaining a deep understanding of the consumer audiences and carefully reviewing the competition within the market. The process involves generating various potential brand concepts, from which one will emerge as the central idea. This chosen concept serves as the foundation for developing the rest of the strategic components, guiding the creation of all visual assets for the brand.


To achieve business success, your financial services brand must be different from its competition in some way. Its brand image might create this, but it can just as quickly be about its approach to pricing or distribution or building a new relationship with its consumers.

Considering every perspective, Goldmine Media’s analysis of your competitors will thoroughly evaluate the competition across all marketing mix elements. We strive to learn from best practices and avoid the less effective ones. Tackling this process with humility is crucial, as you’ll likely discover many remarkable ideas already in your field.

By the end of the competitive review, the essence of the challenge generally becomes significantly clearer compared to the initial stage.


New and existing brands describe their audience in fundamental terms, such as ‘high-net-worth individuals or family offices interested in sustainability’. Therefore, brands should recognise potential sales opportunities by gaining a thorough and insightful understanding of their target audience.

At Goldmine Media, we aim to work with you to identify the most potential audience segmentation and develop insights about their behaviour and attitudes that will unlock new opportunities for the brand.


In the financial service sectors, there is typically a high degree of overlap between competitive brands. With literally thousands of Wealth Management, Insurance, Venture Capital, Banking, Asset Management, Hedge Fund, Mortgage, Fintech, Private Equity and Accountant organisations, creating a differentiated positioning for your brand has never been more critical. This will make your brand relevant, memorable, and sought-after.

We will work with you to define a potential basis for genuine competitive difference, likely at the heart of your brand’s success.


With the initial brand strategy and creative assets ready, Goldmine Media focuses on disseminating each client’s message to a selected consumer audience worldwide.

With a finite budget, your brand must refine its targeting regarding geographies, audience typologies, and communication platforms. For example, do you use only digital channels? Do you involve a degree of above-the-line traditional media? And how do you translate the primary brand strategy into a more diversified digital strategy to engage audiences on selected media platforms?

As we progress your planning, especially in the digital realm, our approach becomes more analytical and focused on performance. However, we always maintain the importance of creative thinking and storytelling. This approach often marks when our strategic brand thinking aligns with the consumer for the initial interaction.


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