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Financial Website Design: Lead-Attracting Examples & Tips

Revitalise Your Brand with Inspiring Financial Website Designs

In our tech-savvy world, a well-crafted website is vital for any thriving business. This is especially important for financial companies, as they need to show trust and reliability online.

A finely tuned financial website is about more than just about looking good. Instead, it’s about combining an easy-to-navigate layout with valuable content that rewards visitors for their time. In essence, the top financial websites are user-friendly, visually attractive, and crucially, provide useful resources for users.

In this guide, we discuss the importance of website design in finance and showcase examples of brand-winning websites.

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What Makes a Good Website for Financial Companies?

First, you should consider your website as your virtual office. It should be inviting, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.. A similar scenario applies to websites, just like a cluttered office can turn off potential customers. If your site is messy with a lousy user experience, it can turn visitors away before they see what you offer.

In the long run, this could result in lost revenue. So, keeping your ‘online office’ clean and user-friendly is crucial for retaining visitors.

Secondly, we all know that financial products can be complicated. That’s why your website must simplify the complex. Make the process as straightforward as possible, and you’ll build a bridge of trust with your potential customers, making it easier for them to connect with you.

Remember, maintaining an organised and clear website design is critical to instilling confidence in your visitors. When people feel confident navigating your site, they’ll feel more comfortable entrusting you with their financial needs. A well-designed site is the first step towards building that trust.

5 Key Web Design Elements

Guidelines for creating a user-friendly web design

Creating an eye-catching, easy-to-navigate site is more important than ever. Following our user-friendly finance website design guidelines will help you achieve your goals and build a solid visual identity.

Here are our guidelines for creating a user-friendly website:

Making navigation easy and intuitive

Navigating online can sometimes feel like wandering aimlessly through an unfamiliar city with no map. Because of this, that’s you need to make your navigation easy and intuitive for visitors. For this reason, you should place menus and links in logical locations and use descriptive labels. And as a result, your visitors can quickly and effortlessly find the important information they’re looking for.

Optimising for search engines (SEO)

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence, SEO is an essential factor to consider. This, in turn, will lead to increased visibility, traffic, and, ultimately, conversions for your firm.

However, SEO involves more than just including keywords in your site’s content. In fact, factors such as load speed, mobile responsiveness, and quality backlinks also seriously improve your site’s presence. In the long run, SEO will set your firm up for long-term online success.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of online search? Delve into our comprehensive SEO guide to learn more!

Fast loading speed

In today’s digital age, fast loading speed is essential. With users expecting a seamless and speedy experience, slow loading times can lead to frustration and even loss of business.

It’s essential to regularly test loading speeds and make necessary changes to ensure optimal performance. Doing so will improve the website visitors’ experience and maintain a competitive edge in the sector.


Designing a website that truly represents your firm’s brand identity and values can be a tough task. To start, you need to know your brand messaging, personality, and values, which directly affect your website’s design and content.

Your design should include details such as your firm’s colours, fonts, logo, and imagery. This creates a simple brand image that is easily recognisable for web visitors. It’s important because brand recognition builds loyalty and trust.

By showing your values on your site, you can create an emotional bond with your audience and stand out from your competitors.

Financial services website design2

Content layout

When you open a website, you want to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. That’s why you need to make sure your site is easy to navigate and presents information in a clear way.

Imagine reading a book that has no headings, paragraphs, or pictures to break up the text. It would be difficult to read and understand; It’s the same with your firm’s web design.

As such, ensure your website is visually appealing and easy to read.

Make sure you do the following:

  • Break up your text into smaller paragraphs.
  • Use headings to make it clear what each section is about.
  • Use images and videos to make your design more engaging for visitors.

By doing this, web visitors are more likely to stay on your site and come back again in the future.


Making a website that works for everyone, even people with disabilities, is essential. The goal is to make your site easy to use for everyone, regardless of any disabilities they may have. But it takes a lot of knowledge and work to make sure your site can be used by everyone.

You must ensure everything works well for everyone who might use your site, but it can be tough. Special guidelines help designers make sure the website is accessible to everyone. By doing this, it means that no one feels left out or frustrated when using your website.


It’s super important to ensure your website is safe and protects your user’s data. Private information, such as login details or client information, can be stolen if your site isn’t secure. Failing to do so could put your user’s important information in danger! This would have a bad impact on your firm’s image.Top Reasons For a Visitor To Leave a Website

Content for your financial services website design

Your online presence is like a handshake with your prospective clients. Because of this, you want to ensure your site’s content looks exciting and has all the right important information they seek.

Here are a few tips for creating engaging content for your finance website design:

  • Keep it simple: Ensure your content is easy for the average user to understand, and break down technical terms into more straightforward language.
  • Tell a story: Use storytelling to make your content more relatable and memorable.
  • Use visuals: Incorporate relevant and eye-catching visuals such as infographics or charts to help convey your message.
  • Include strong call-to-actions: Encourage your readers to take action by including clickable CTAs throughout your content.
  • Be consistent: Ensure your tone, language, and messaging remain consistent throughout your site and in your content to build trust with your readers.

Our team has put together an easy step-by-step guide to content marketing to help you effectively grow your firm!


Financial services website design 5


Website design KPIs to monitor

If you are serious about driving traffic to your website, you need to track these essential Key Performance Indicators.

Here are some website design KPIs that you must monitor:


These are metrics used to measure how well a website or application meets its users’ needs and expectations.

Bounce rate

The percentage of users who land on a page of your website and leave without taking any action. A high bounce rate suggests that users are not finding what they are looking for or experiencing frustration while navigating your site.

Time on site

The amount of time users spend on your website. The longer they stay, the more engaging and valuable they perceive your content to be.

Conversion rate

The portion of users who take a preferred action on your site, such as making downloading a guide or filling out a contact form. A higher conversion rate leads to more business opportunities.

Performance KPIs

Performance KPIs are metrics that assess how well a firm is doing financially.

Load time

The amount of time it takes for your website to load fully. Slow load times can lead to a poor user experience and negatively affect SEO.

Page speed

The duration or length of time each page takes to load. A fast page speed is important because it impacts UX and SEO.

Mobile responsiveness

The usability of your website on mobile devices. With over half of the internet traffic coming from mobile devices, ensuring your website looks good and functions well on phones and tablets is key.

Design KPIs

These are related to visual and interactive aspects and measure how well your site is meeting its goals.

Visual consistency

A consistent visual design helps to establish and reinforce your brand image to visitors.


How easy it is for visitors to read the editorial on your website. A clear, legible font and appropriate text size and spacing enhance readability.


Make sure all visitors can use your website, regardless of ability. This includes font sizes, colour schemes, and screen reader compatibility.


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