Four ingredients for LinkedIn success

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It’s no secret that businesses are increasingly turning to social media to execute key business strategies. Each platform offers firms something different, but with its constant new features, increased user insights and page analytics, LinkedIn has become a powerhouse social media business tool in recent times.

Known as the ‘professional social network’, LinkedIn serves as a way for financial advisory firms (both large and small) to promote their business, gain new followers and establish strong connections, with the potential to transform into sales leads or strategic partnerships. However, when it comes to creating a LinkedIn company profile, some still struggle with what information to include on their pages. Or, they become overwhelmed with how to make their brand stand out against the competition.

Luckily, there are four main ingredients to a successful business page that financial advisers should remember when building their LinkedIn presence and striving to set it above the competition:

1. Create a good first impression on LinkedIn

When navigating to a company LinkedIn page, the first thing a user will notice is the banner image at the top of the page. Banner ads are some of the most inexpensive advertising methods that are taken up. Similar to the cover photos for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, the LinkedIn Banner serves as a firm’s first impression.

In business, storytelling is what captures an audience – successful storytelling and personable connections establish client loyalty and enhance brand awareness. Consider the Banner the first opportunity to tell a story and introduce page visitors to your firm – whether that includes a company mission statement, legacy in the industry or award-winning expertise and service. Choose a high-quality, dynamic image that will best illustrate your brand identity and create a connection with users before they read any content on the page. The key to a successful first impression is intriguing the audience enough to keep them scrolling down the page for the introduction.

2. Write a compelling introduction

The Company Introduction is your opportunity to give users the elevator pitch on why you are worth their time and why you are above the competition. When composing the Company Introduction, keep in mind that the content should be user-friendly and concise. Use keywords to pinpoint your firm’s specialities, audience, and products and services. By including a strong introduction with keywords and properly linked URLs, the LinkedIn brand page becomes SEO-friendly and has the potential to catch the attention of those most likely to transact business with you.

3. Produce engaging LinkedIn content

Now that you have the audience’s attention, it’s time to start the conversation. Social media is considered an open door between online brands and consumers because it provides the ideal platform for interaction. What some brands fail to see is that it’s the quality of posts, not the quantity, that is beneficial. Instead of being the firm with a constant commercial for an online presence, consistently share posts that the audience will find beneficial, whether that’s a thought leadership article, a blog post on best practices or inspirational business quotes. It’s important to find that balance between company news and content that establishes your brand as a reliable online resource.

Another important point to remember is that content serves as a touch point between brands and the online audience. The more touch points, the better. Therefore, don’t be afraid to share a variety of content on your LinkedIn company page. YouTube videos, infographics, podcasts and articles all speak to audience members differently and have the potential to build lasting relationships with clients and prospects.

4. Use your brand ambassadors

The employees contributing to your firm’s success on a daily basis are some of the biggest assets within your company. They also happen to be brand ambassadors. Each employee can lead to new relationships, business leads and, ultimately, sales. Therefore, it’s important that employees promote the firm’s digital presence and invite business contacts to follow the online conversation. This can easily be done in a variety of ways:

• Encourage employees to include links to company social media accounts in their email signatures
• Ensure social media icons are prominently displayed on the company website
• Promote your firm’s LinkedIn page in company newsletters and on all marketing collateral
• Include the LinkedIn icon on business cards and promote the page when speaking to clients and prospects at industry conferences
• Train employees on how to properly complete their own LinkedIn profiles and link to the company page. The more online brand exposure, the better
• Showcase the creativity of your employees – work collaboratively to produce content that will keep the online audience intrigued and show the human side of your brand

Increasingly, more professional financial adviser businesses are embracing social media as part of their client marketing and communication strategies. Whether you need a social media kick-start or ideas for relevant and targeted editorial content, Goldmine Media will help you by designing a bespoke service that works for your business requirements. For more information, please contact us today.

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media