How can you attract more followers on Twitter?

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Twitter is a great way to share information and stay updated in real-time about what’s happening in the financial industry. But what is the hardest part of tweeting? Getting started.

Many people feel overwhelmed when they first sign up for Twitter as there really is a lot going on there. When you first get started on Twitter, it can be difficult to begin building your list of followers without some guidance.

If you’ve thought about joining Twitter but don’t know where to start, or you’ve joined but have felt overwhelmed or unsuccessful in your attempts to use Twitter so far, take a look at these three ideas to increase your number of Twitter followers, thus increasing your firm’s brand awareness:

1. Advertise your account
You may now have a Twitter account, but have you told anyone about it? Make your account known every way you can. Embed a Twitter feed on your homepage, include a feed on your LinkedIn and Facebook account, and make sure your @ name is included in your site contact info, email signature and on your business cards.

2. Customise your profile
Most Twitter users use a generic template and have not properly filled out their profile. HubSpot found that users with a profile picture have ten times more followers, and users with a bio have over eight times more followers. Include a professional-looking picture, your real name, a short bio and a link to your website; you will be more searchable, more interesting and more impressive to others. For more advanced users, think about customising your background to really stand out.

3. Follow the leaders
To further establish yourself, start following the leaders in your field. Spend some time finding quality people to follow, and you’ll likely get some followers through association. Even though it’s tempting to add a lot of users in the hope that they will follow you back, you may look desperate if there is a huge difference between the number of people following you versus the number of people you follow.

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media

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