How can you measure the success of your content?

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Thanks to advanced metrics tools such as Google Analytics, financial advisory firms have the power to easily track the effectiveness of their content, especially their blog.

Unfortunately, research shows that about a quarter of businesses do nothing in tracking digital behaviour.

Here are four key performance indicators (KPIs) that you must track on your blog to ensure success:

1. Unique visitors
This provides a really good baseline for understanding how your content is performing. Remember that not all visits are equally important. A person reading a white paper is more important than someone reading a blog post, because the former is more likely to convert to a client. Still, while a visit to your blog might be less valuable than someone accessing your white paper, it’s critical to track unique visits.

2. Mobile responsiveness
Make sure your blog posts are mobile responsive. They must be easily readable on a mobile device, because more people are accessing content on smartphones and tablets.

3. Client engagement rate
It’s important that visitors get the content they’re expecting. When this happens, they’ll stay awhile. This is why it’s important to track how long visitors are spending on your blog. Are they bouncing out after only a few seconds? Or are they sticking around and reading blog posts for a few minutes?

4. Sentiment
This describes how someone feels about your content. One way to gauge sentiment is to see whether people are commenting. If you have a good, engaged community around your blog, you should have many good comments. Social sharing is an even better way to gauge sentiment. The psychology of social sharing is important to understand. If people like a piece of content, they’re more likely to share it via email or social networks. But they’re only going to do that with content that they truly find valuable.

You spend a lot of time and energy creating content for your blog, so use superior metrics to track how well you’re doing.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Goldmine Media

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