How personal branding can lead to success in career development

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Increasing your digital footprint has potentially great business ramifications. More followers, likes and web traffic simply means more people are interested in what you say and trust you as a source of interesting and credible information.

One of the best ways of achieving this success is by establishing yourself as a reliable brand. Although there are some regulations with compliance that often need to be followed, branding allows a digital record of your success to be seen by clients and prospects. It also has the potential of laying the groundwork for future pursuits in the financial industry.

Ultimately, the best way of improving your online influence and clout is through these two approaches:

1. Humanise your business
A simple way of incorporating a human side to your business is through your biog. Whether it is on your financial advisory website or your social media profile, including relatable information about yourself is a great way of solidifying your brand in a region or area of expertise.

However, the downside is providing too much personal information about yourself. Just as you probably loath sitting through hours of pictures of someone’s vacation, over-sharing is not recommended. Keep it casual and strategic. But, most importantly, once you’ve developed a public brand, keep it consistent through all channels.

2. Produce engaging content
Ultimately, content is going to bring the results you want to see. But there are two strategies that should always be on your mind when curating it: know what platform you’re writing on and know who you’re writing for.

People don’t go to Facebook to see a 500-word opinion piece. They go for updates, links and common interests. Keeping the platform in mind will help your content to attract visitors to return instead of being put off by poorly targeted content. Share what you know and what you love and people won’t have a choice but return to see what you’ve created.

Keeping the client in mind is also crucial in creating successful content. If your audience is older and perhaps doesn’t understand current tech trends, discussing HTML coding will probably be an unsuccessful content topic. Writing to a specific audience instead of a general audience will help solidify your personal brand.

Goldmine Media believes that personal branding can lead to success in career development. This is because having a good digital footprint is like having a portfolio of experience on hand.

Ultimately, the best marketing starts with yourself. If you can create a brand that is trusted and recognised on a personal level, translating these techniques to a business setting will help your business grow.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Goldmine Media

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