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How to create a great lead magnet

Set the Tone For Your Relationship with A Prospective Client

Your lead magnet’s usefulness doesn’t end when the visitors click ‘Subscribe’. It’s just getting started. The lead magnet will set the tone for your relationship with a prospective client, so even if you attract the perfect leads, it won’t mean much if engaging with your lead magnet is irrelevant to them.

If you’re short on resources, you can repurpose existing content to create lead magnets. But remember, your lead magnet should be relevant to a prospective client.

Guidelines to ensure you’re creating a valuable asset for your email list.

digital marketing guide

Make Your Offer Solution-Oriented and Actionable

Provide practical information that solves a problem and creates a realistic way to achieve the solution.

Ensure That the Asset Is Easy to Consume

Lead magnets should be delivered in a digital format. Whether it’s a PDF, a webpage, a video or some other format, make it easy for your prospective client to obtain and consume it.

Create Your Offer With Future Content In Mind

There’s nothing worse than providing your personal contact information only to be disappointed by the content that follows. Make sure your offer is aligned with the value you will provide throughout your relationship, otherwise you risk damaging trust.

Treat Your Lead Magnet As a Stepping Stone to Your Paid Solution

The point of your email list is to eventually guide prospective client subscribers to convert to profitable clients. You offer free content to demonstrate your value as a financial advice firm, and those free offers should eventually lead to your services and products.

Create Offers That are Relevant to Each Stage of The Prospective Client’s Journey

Every new lead will be at a different stage of the prospective client’s journey, and you need to know which.

Segment your list from the beginning by providing separate opt-in offers that pertain to each stage of their journey. You can tell a lot about a prospect’s mindset by the content they access.

Create an Enticing Opt-In Form

Your opt-in form is how you get a prospective client’s information to add them to your email list. It’s the gate between your prospective client and the asset created with them in mind.

Tips for Creating An Enticing Opt-In Form

Create An Attractive Design and Attention-Grabbing Header

Your form should be branded, stand out from the page and entice people to sign up. You want to excite readers with the offer.

Make the Editorial Copy Relevant to The Offer

While your goal is to get people to enter their information, it isn’t to deceive them. Any information on your form should be a truthful representation of the asset offer.

Keep the Form Simple

This could be one of your first interactions with your prospective client. Don’t scare them away with a long form with too many fields. Ask for only the most essential information: first name, surname and email are a good place to start.

Set Your Opt-In Form for Double Confirmation

It may seem counterproductive to ask your subscribers to opt in to your emails twice, but some research on open rates suggests that users may prefer a confirmed opt-in (COI) email more than a welcome email.

Ensure That the Flow Works

Take yourself through the user experience before you go live. Double-check that the form works as intended, the ‘thank you’ page is live, and your offer is delivered as promised.

This is one of your new prospective client’s first impressions of you – make it professional and positive.

digital marketing guide


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