Kingwood Group 'Protect & Grow' magazine.

Kingswood believes everyone should have access to financial advice and be able to protect and grow their wealth.

To inform and educate while fostering longer-term relationships with clients.

Headquartered in London, they have a growing network of offices across the UK, Johannesburg, South Africa, and New York, USA. Clients range from private individuals to some of the UK’s largest universities.

They offer financial planning advice tailored to clients, aiming to provide a complete wealth management service combining financial advice with an in-house investment offering. Clients are at the forefront of the service, and advisers aim to build a relationship with clients that grows with both them and their families.

Financial advisers and investment managers work in tandem, allowing clients to benefit from a level of knowledge and expertise that sets them apart.


Through a bi-monthly consumer-facing magazine, Kingswood wanted to continue its mission to inform and educate while fostering longer-term relationships with clients. By coming together with Goldmine Media, Kingswood tasked us with producing high-quality, compliant content that would add extra value for their clients, create greater brand awareness and generate further new business opportunities.

The magazine had to be tailored to the lifestyles of their target audience and informative, covering personal finance matters. It had to include helpful information topics such as retirement and investment strategies and protection and estate planning advice.


The magazine needed to achieve the following outcomes for Kingwood:


The solution was to create a custom consumer-facing personal finance magazine to provide readers with brand recognition and provide the latest information and news on financial topics from Kingswood that are relevant to them. It needed to cover strategies for managing finances more effectively and showcasing different services and investments that may be suitable for them.

The team at Goldmine Media developed the content and designed an attractive print and digital magazine format titled ‘Protect & Grow’ to meet Kingswood clients’ expectations. The magazine aims to educate readers about the fundamentals of personal finance, demystify complex financial concepts and motivate individuals to take control of their financial life.


Ultimately, the goal is for readers of ‘Protect & Grow’ to feel empowered and confident in their ability to make informed decisions regarding their finances from Kingwood, their trusted financial advisory firm.

Furthermore, the magazine will continue striving to create a community of individuals passionate about taking control of their future finances and well-being.

Overall, ‘Protect & Grow’ provides six annual touchpoints with clients and prospective clients throughout the year. The content is also used for email marketing, social media activities, and articles for blog posts.

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