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‘You are only as good as your lead generation data’

Oliver Taylor Inbound marketing, Lead Generation

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Generating new business opportunities in a competitive marketplace

As the saying goes, You are only as good as your data’. When it comes to lead generation, this is totally correct. Generating new leads consistently is the decisive factor influencing the potential number of sales in the pipeline, and this is a key factor for many financial and professional service advisers that are looking to generate new business opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

Place your business where your prospective audience is looking

Lead generation strategies come in all different shapes and sizes, through various creative and logical channels. Ultimately, it is intelligent business positioning. At Goldmine Media, we keep it simple. Our goal is to place your business where your prospective audience is looking to ensure you achieve the best return on your investment outlay.

Adopting the most effective lead generation strategy can be a frustrating and demanding task. It is a long process to perfect, but with the appropriate techniques and tools, you can achieve the volume and quality of leads required to improve your sales results, meet your targets and grow as a business.

Distinguish which is the optimum route for your business to take

With so many possible lead creation avenues available for you to experiment with, it is important to distinguish which is the optimum route for your business to take. A recent survey[1] identified that new client acquisition is one of the biggest challenges facing many financial professionals, with 52% of financial advisers saying that finding new clients was the biggest obstacle they currently faced.

Focus areas

When the advisers were asked what their focus areas were for the next year, the three main areas they wanted to achieve were:

  • 62% want to grow client numbers
  • 57% plan to increase assets under management
  • 33% want to focus on managing their existing client portfolios

The obvious question is, ‘How can the 62% of financial advisers that want to focus on growing their client base numbers achieve this if they are struggling to find new clients?’ The answer is to take an inbound marketing approach that involves the use of digital channels to bring business directly to you through online presence, visibility and website access.

Once you have created the ideal client’s persona profile, the specialist team of marketers and creatives at Goldmine Media will help you target and build a framework of each prospect’s journey right through your acquisition funnel.

Finding and converting new clients

Interestingly, the findings from the survey showed that the majority of financial advisers are getting enough enquiries, but they are not able to convert enough of them into actual clients. 71% felt that the number of client enquiries they received was on target. However, nearly 60% of advisers felt they had converted less than their target clients.

The main issues and biggest barriers to converting new clients were:

  • 48% had trouble getting in contact with prospects
  • 62% of prospects ultimately decided they didn’t require advice
  • 29% of prospects were not ready to proceed with advice

Outbound lead generation is still relevant, even with the developments of digital marketing. Because sometimes, nothing can beat the manual and direct approach of identifying someone you believe is an ideal prospective client and going out to them to make things happen. But there can be a drawback in relation to the time and expenditure of outbound marketing.

For more information about the services Goldmine Media offer that will enable your business to attract prospective clients so that you can put them through a logical sales funnel approach or discuss any other services, contact a member of our Business Development Team on 0845 686 0055, or email: findoutmore@goldminemedia.co.uk.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Goldmine Media

Source data:

[1] Research carried out by Lead Tech April 2019