Making the perfect calls-to-action for your emails

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The call-to-action (CTA) is critical for financial advisers that want to engage their website visitors, and it is especially important in all of your email marketing efforts.

So what’s the best way to make the perfect CTA for email? Here are three great tips to consider:

1. Pick the perfect picture
Many people turn off the image function in their email. That’s why relying on the picture to communicate your message and call them to action is very risky. This is especially important if you have a new email list. If you’re sending a CTA image to people who aren’t familiar with your firm, and they have their images turned off by default, all they’re going to see is your copy when they first open the email. Always have a fallback – use HTML CTA buttons instead.

2. Give them value
Don’t use action words such as ‘submit’ or ‘click here’. Instead, focus on the visitor’s next step and use wording that tells them what they are going to get. Be sure to clearly tell people the value they’re going to receive. Even the word ‘continue’ does this by telling the person that this is what they click to get to the next step.

3. Once is never enough
Repeat your primary CTA to increase click-throughs. Put an additional button at the bottom of your emails. A postscript, or P.S., is a great place to do this. Use your CTA on your landing page as well.

Here’s what to remember: use the right picture, focus on value and repeat your CTA. If you follow these steps, you’re sure to increase engagement with your email efforts.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Goldmine Media

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