financial technology

Staying relevant with financial technology

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Some of the key issues facing the financial and professional service sectors

Keeping up with new financial technology, staying relevant to the next generation of investors and finding ways to integrate artificial intelligence into investment decision-making and into the client service process are some of the key issues facing the financial and professional service sectors today.

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content marketing

Why content marketing is still king to your clients

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Managing client expectations, staying in touch and providing emotional engagement

Content marketing is still king to your clients in today’s rapidly changing financial and professional service sectors, in addition to juggling and complying with regulation such as MiFID II and GDPR, and advising clients amid challenging market and geopolitical conditions, it’s even more important that you keep totally focused on each client. Managing client expectations, staying in touch with them and providing emotional engagement go hand in hand with all of the other challenges you may be facing.Read More


LinkedIn, 3 steps to achieving success

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Do you feel that you don’t have enough time for social media? Or, are you just not sure how to use it to achieve your business goals?

LinkedIn doesn’t have to be complicated; what it comes down to is understanding three steps that allow you to build and maintain a successful presence.Read More


To blog or not to blog? That is the question

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There are literally billions of blogs available to read on the Internet, so why should your financial advisory blog add its voice to the endless sea of digital noise?

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Social media a crucial part of your online presence

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Social media marketing is continuously evolving, and marketers are learning that it is important to go beyond the numbers and focus on actually engaging this consumer base they have built.

There is real potential in gaining a large following that is also willing to engage with your financial advisory brand. By providing the type of value and content your target audience wants to see on its news feed, there is a high potential for ROI.Read More

google metrics

Metrics for financial advisers to track?

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Tracking the measurements of your website’s performance will help you grow your business online. For financial advisers, this means taking a look at the top Google Analytics metrics that assist in building credibility and trust that are so vital for conversion later on.Read More


Four ingredients for LinkedIn success

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It’s no secret that businesses are increasingly turning to social media to execute key business strategies. Each platform offers firms something different, but with its constant new features, increased user insights and page analytics, LinkedIn has become a powerhouse social media business tool in recent times.Read More