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Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Goldmine Media focus on creative, innovative and effective social media solutions. Sharing relevant and targeted content with thousands of followers at once isn't the only benefit of social media for a professional financial advisory business. Social media is the ideal way to learn about your audience, and this knowledge can help you curate campaigns and product offers specifically aimed at your target audience. You can also attract new prospective clients, expand your audience and receive instant feedback from your clients' perspective. 

Social media marketing service

Social media marketing campaigns are a key opportunity for professional financial advisers to reach and engage with existing clients and nurture prospective new clients. The way people communicate and seek information is evolving via the countless array of Internet-based platforms that enhance the sharing of information.

Social Media

Client and prospect engagement methods

This form of media makes the transfer of text, photos, audio, video and information in general much more fluid among Internet users, and will increasingly be an important part of many professional financial advisers' client and prospect engagement methods going forward.

Constant flow of regular website traffic

Social media has relevance not only for regular Internet users, but professional financial adviser businesses as well. Without a constant flow of regular website traffic, whether this is from organic search engine visitors or directly via visitors entering your website address, your site has no benefit to your business, even though it is the most valuable client and prospect engagement vehicle available.

Helping you to keep clients
returning to your website

The simplest way to view your website is like running a bricks and mortar shop. If you don't have relevant and regularly changing stock, people stop visiting. When you start introducing new stock and keep updating that stock, as long as they know where your shop is located, people will visit and, more importantly, keep returning. So your website needs to be kept fresh and updated with relevant stock (specific and targeted editorial content, newsletters, magazines, guides, factsheets, blog posts, RSS newsfeed, etc.) so that the search engines will locate you (index your site) and visitors, clients and prospects keep returning.

There's no huge secret to
building your website traffic

Contrary to popular belief, there is no huge secret to building website traffic. It all comes down to consistent effort over a long-term period and understanding basic marketing fundamentals. For nearly two decades, Goldmine Media have helped many of the UK's leading financial advisory firms take their website offering to the next level. So whether you want your website to improve client communication, raise brand awareness, improve marketing efficiency, enhance cliesnt retention or increase sales, we have the industry insight and expertise to help you achieve these objectives.

A social media marketing strategy
tailored to your business

Our approach is to tailor each service specifically to your requirements, and this is based on what you want to achieve. This list (which is not definitive) provides information that shows you how we help many of our other clients to integrate a social media marketing strategy into their client service proposition and prospect engagement.

A tailored service specifically to your requirements

  • The inclusion of a blog, with target-specific content that is informative and linked to social media and email marketing activities, will drive traffic back into your site, and, as a result, search engines will rank your site higher because of this
  • Via your blog, we upload regular articles, adding target-specific content that we integrate into your other online and offline marketing activities
  • Post blog articles on a consistent schedule so your readers know when to expect new content
  • Integrate social media marketing into your online offering, e.g. Twitter, Google+, YouTube
  • Deploy articles and current news stories that have a fit with your client proposition and audience demographic via social media channels
  • Write about topics relevant to your business mix trending on Twitter and in Google Trends
  • Search forums in your advisory area to see what people are talking about, and write articles to engage with them
  • Analyse your social media marketing analytics to find out which is your most popular content and create more of the same
  • Use eye-catching infographics to draw attention to your posts
  • Upload videos to YouTube, and make sure a link to your site is in the description and the video
  • Convert some of your site content into a presentation and upload it to SlideShare
  • Create a Facebook page for your blog, use it to communicate with your readers and post a notification every time you publish a new blog article
  • Tweet your posts on Twitter when they are published
  • Link to posts on your Google+ page when articles are published
  • Link to your old posts periodically from your social media accounts
  • Use Instagram to tell your followers when you publish a new post
  • Include social media sharing buttons on all your posts
  • Include quotable phrases in your content and encourage sharing on Twitter
  • Encourage reader engagement on your blog by ending your posts with a 'call-to-action' question
  • Create LinkedIn profiles with links to your blog, and contribute to groups and discussions in your field
  • Post helpful information in forums related to your specific advisory area, and include your blog's URL in your signature
  • Submit articles to syndicated article directories with the aim of your article being republished on another blog, which enables you to benefit from extra links
  • Add relevant keywords for your image file names and alt tags, and keywords for your post title and sub-headings
  • Include an opt-in form on your website to harvest and capture visitor data for future marketing when visitors download or access your digital newsletters, magazines, marketing guides and factsheets
  • Create reports to encourage visitors to tweet or post about your website on Facebook to access it

Building your online presence and website traffic

This list is not definitive, but it demonstrates how we can help you to further build your online presence and website traffic, which is becoming more important today as tech-savvy clients across all age demographics increasingly use not only computers, but tablets and smartphones as part of their financial planning approach.

Want your business to stand out from the crowd?

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