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SPF Private Clients case study | A foundation for growth

SPF Private Clients Rebranding story

SPF Private Clients provide a wide range of mortgage advice, wealth management and insurance broking services to high-net-worth clients. In 2011, Savills Private Finance rebranded after a management buyout. Next, In 2018, Cabot Square Capital bought a majority stake in the business. And more recently, Howden, the London-based international insurance broker, announced in 2022 the signing of the acquisition of SPF Private Clients.

When it comes to finding the right mortgage solution, SPF Private Clients are at the top of their game. For their expert mortgage brokers, no situation is too difficult. In fact, their market knowledge and outstanding lender relationships across the UK and globally mean that they can find solutions where others can’t. As a result, this knowledge allows them to arrange the best mortgage rates for each client’s situation, ensuring that they get the best possible deal.


SPF Private Clients 1



SPF Private Clients, a firm that offers a wide range of mortgage advice, wealth management and insurance broking services, engaged Goldmine Media to work with them on a brand relaunch. Specifically, the brand relaunch was the first substantial effort in over five years. Prior to this, the last initiative used the existing tagline, “We make it happen.,” which remained, but this was essentially a new campaign.

The rebranding needed to be bigger and broader to bring the company’s change. Because of this, the goal was to refocus on mortgage advice, wealth management and insurance broking services for high-net-worth clients. After a decade, they were ready to show that change to the outside world. They used the brand relaunch to drive change further for their firm.


SPF Private Clients 3



After being briefed, Goldmine Media revamped SPF’s brand identity while retaining its heritage. In light of this, the intent was to convey a brand with a more modern, human and unique brand character.

In order to appeal to their primary audience, which consisted of wealthy individuals, we included several features in the rebranding process. Thus, the aim was to place the brand in a promising light in comparison to other rivals within the same sector.

The new rebrand identity marks the next stage in reshaping the firm and future growth approach. To achieve this, the aim is to engage with all existing client and prospective client channels.


SPF Private Clients 7



Initially, after months of research, we launched an internal campaign to align the business with the new brand focus. Also, the firm’s deep understanding of its clients drove this new direction. As a result, we created a unique “brand house style” that allows all the firm’s divisions to market in one way.

The process has supplied SPF with a clear focus for marketing its services in the future.

  • The logo creates a modern identity that maintains the brand’s roots. It is the most valuable brand asset and is a visual expression of the firm.
  • Each sub-brand exhibits an opportunity to express the master brand to a precise audience and sector.
  • The logo is designed to be easily understood and has a timeless and simplistic look. It has been created to withstand the test of time and can be replicated smoothly in diverse formats and sizes.
  • We introduced the primary typeface, Butler. To showcase its identity, the brand can pair a serif typeface with Minion Pro, Proxima Nova and Cervanttis.
  • Lifestyle pictures interact with the copy for compelling word-image stories.
  • Each picture helps shape an emotional connection with the audience based on people in real-life situations.
  • The white brand design is clear and concise.
  • The firm presents itself as thoughtful, modern, and empathetic. Because of this, they provide excellent mortgage advice, wealth management, and insurance broking services to high-net-worth clients.


SPF Private Clients 4



Goldmine Media worked closely with the SPF team on evolving the brand design to capture the forward-looking mindset of the firm. Because of this, we continue to develop the message concept: get attention first, then tell more in simple words. As a result, this message has been the formal basis for the new tone of voice.

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