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The best-performing mortgage advisers and estate agents aren’t just weathering the current storm. They are turning it to their advantage and building the capabilities they require to thrive in the new reality.

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What our subscribers say

“Since uploading The Mortgage and Property Magazine to our website we’ve achieved a 67% increase in our lead generation success.” 
“Our email campaigns now getting on average a 47% open rate and a 64% click-through rate since we’ve been using content from The Mortgage and Property Magazine.”
“The web traffic volumes visiting our blog and resource pages increased by 84% once we started using The Mortgage and Property Magazine.”
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The Mortgage & Property Magazine

  • Is your website generating enough quality leads that convert to enquiries and business? 
  • Are you missing out on remortgage opportunities? 
  • How effective is your social media presence at generating new buy-to-let business?
  • How impactful was your last email campaign at creating first-time buyer sales?

Regularly engage with existing and prospective clients

In an increasingly digitised world, any mortgage or property service brand’s biggest challenge is to truly differentiate itself. In this fast-moving, competitive marketplace that is increasingly moving online, it’s essential regularly to engage with existing and prospective clients, win new leads that convert to sales and then encourage retention for future new business opportunities.
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Premium quarterly publication

Create more touch-points and generate further business opportunities
The Mortgage & Property Magazine is a premium quarterly publication that is fully personalised on the cover with your company branding and contact details and throughout with calls-to-action and personalised adverts designed to create more touch-points and generate further business opportunities. 
The targeted editorial content has been created to reflect the needs and interests of your target audience. It is designed for first-time buyers, people looking to remortgage, buy-to-let investors, and new and existing buyers interested in all aspects of mortgage and property finance matters.

Engage at every stage

Ultimately, you need to be engaging with a prospective buyer throughout their entire decision-making process, not just at the close. This makes The Mortgage & Property Magazine the perfect solution to create increased brand awareness, with regular touch-points adding further prospective buyer value and increased sales opportunities. 

Understanding how your prospective buyers think!

Awareness Phase: They realise they have a need or problem that requires solving.
Consideration Phase: They define their need or problem and research options (service providers) to solve it.
Decision Phase: They choose a solution (a service provider).
Retention/Loyalty Phase: They have future needs or problems they’ll require solving.

How to use The Mortgage & Property Magazine

We’ve provided suggestions of some different ways you can use The Mortgage & Property Magazine to become an integral part of your digital marketing and engagement strategy:
  • Upload a copy to your website ‘Knowledge’, ‘Resource’ area or homepage for visitors to read online or download. Set up a simple GDPR compliant data capture form to harvest and collect visitor data before allowing each copy to be downloaded and use this for future marketing activities – for example, obtain a visitor’s contact name, telephone number and email address
  • Email a copy of The Mortgage & Property Magazine to existing clients, prospective clients and professional introducers. (We recommend embedding a link into the body of the email that directs the recipient to where your magazine is located on your website. This will provide a better experience and benefits your website search engine optimisation. If you attach a PDF copy as part of an email marketing campaign, you run the risk of the email being blocked by spam filters)
  • Increase sales performance by creating email marketing campaigns and email sequences, using targeted articles from The Mortgage & Property Magazine via your CRM platform to optimise every stage of the sales funnel and track and monitor every prospect’s sales journey from start to finish. Don’t forget the adage: ‘Know your buyer, generate more sales.’
  • Each article provides ready-made content to post on your website or social media channels. (How much are you currently paying a third-party to write this type of content, or how much time and resources is it currently taking and costing to produce this in-house?) 
  • Use The Mortgage & Property]Magazine content to post individual blog articles and include a call-to-action to encourage copies to be downloaded (include a GDPR compliant data capture form to harvest data for future marketing activities)
  • Use relevant articles from The Mortgage & Property Magazine to create tweets or LinkedIn posts, and embed links into each notification that link the recipient back to your website where the full article can be read or downloaded
  • Use The Mortgage & Property Magazine in conjunction with all social media platforms you use, for example, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Include The Mortgage & Property Magazine as part of your email ‘Welcome Pack’ and new client onboarding process. This is a highly effective way to start off your business relationship and will create a positive impression to showcase why you are different from your competitors.

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