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Seven Tips to Increase Referrals for Mortgage Brokers

How Mortgage Brokers Can Get More Referrals

As a mortgage broker, you know how crucial referrals are to keeping your business thriving and growing. Notably, a referred client is 18% more loyal than one gained through other methods. Mortgage brokers who excel at obtaining referrals enjoy a steady client flow and build trust through personal recommendations. Not to mention, referral marketing brings in 3-5X higher conversion rates than any other channel.

Here are eight tips to help you boost your mortgage referral business and ensure long-term success and growth.

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Build Strong Relationships with Estate Agents

Estate agents are often the first people homebuyers interact with, making them critical partners for mortgage brokers. So, to build solid relationships with estate agents, you must:

Consistent Communication

First, stay on their radar and contact estate agents regularly. Begin by reaching out through emails, phone calls, or arranging face-to-face meetings.

Clear Expectations

Then, be upfront about your needs, products or services, preferences, and expectations to avoid any mix-ups.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Next, refer them to existing customers and give them a heads-up when you do.

Joint Ventures

Also, think about joint ventures or partnerships on projects that can benefit both of you.

Networking Events

Finally, attend industry events, open houses, and social gatherings where estate agents are likely to be.

In short, by building these relationships, you’ll become their clients’ go-to mortgage broker, which can boost the number of referrals you gain.

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Provide Excellent Customer Service to Existing Clients

Your satisfied customer base can be your best referral source. Here’s how to ensure you provide high-quality customer service:

Personal Experiences

Meanwhile, tailor your approach to fit each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Responsive Communication

Then, answer questions and resolve issues quickly.

Post-Closing Follow-Up

Also, check in with clients after their mortgage closes to show continued support.

In summary, satisfied clients are more likely to refer you, boosting your mortgage referral business.

Use Social Media and Digital Marketing for Referrals

Social media platforms and online marketing are great tools for getting referrals in today’s digital age. So, here’s how to make the most of these marketing strategies:

Engage on Social Media

First, share valuable content, reply to comments, and join relevant discussions on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Email Campaigns

Then, send regular newsletters with updates, tips, and success stories to keep in touch with your network.

Online Reviews

Also, ask happy clients to leave positive reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, and other sites.

In short, a solid marketing campaign enables you to reach a larger audience and opens new referral opportunities.

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Networking in Local Community and Industry Events

Networking is crucial for growing your referral business. So, to get the best out of your word-of-mouth marketing:

Attend Events

First, attend local community events, industry conferences, and professional gatherings.

Join Organisations

Then, sign up for relevant local and national industry associations.

Be Visible

Also, volunteer for speaking gigs or host workshops to show your expertise.

All in all, building a solid network within your community and industry will create more mortgage referrals.

Offering Incentives for Referral Partners

Incentives can motivate your referral partners to send more business your way. To start, consider these strategies:

Referral Fees

First, offer a financial reward for each referral that leads to a closed mortgage.

Exclusive Benefits

Then, provide top referrers with exclusive services or perks.


Also, publicly acknowledge your referral partners’ contributions on social media or at events.

In short, a well-structured incentive program can significantly increase your referred customer rates.

Mortgage broker content marketing

Create and Share Valuable Content for Referral Partners and Clients

Content marketing is an excellent way to showcase your expertise and keep your network engaged. So, here are some ideas:

Blog Posts

First, write informative articles on mortgage trends, tips, and industry news.


Then, host online seminars to educate and engage your audience.

Guides and Ebooks

At last, create downloadable resources that offer valuable insights.

In short, regularly sharing great content builds stronger relationships, making them more likely to refer you.

Use Technology for Smoother Referral Management

Tech can simplify your referral process. So, consider these tips:

CRM Systems

To start, use customer relationship management software to organise and track referral links.

Automated Marketing

Then, set up automated email marketing campaigns to build relationships with potential referrers.

Referral Tracking Tools

Also, invest in software that tracks and reports referral activities and outcomes.

In summary, effective referral management helps you stay organised and maximise every opportunity.

The Bottom Line

To boost referrals for your mortgage business, focus on building solid relationships, delivering quality service, using creative marketing, and managing efficiently. Follow these eight tips to keep attracting referrals and grow your business.

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