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Mobile is becoming a critical part of marketing for financial advisers. Unfortunately, it’s also the most misunderstood and least researched part of the total marketing effort. If your financial advisory firm is to be found online and generate leads, it’s crucial that your content is optimised for mobile interfaces.

It can be difficult to fill out forms on the smaller screens. Cookies aren’t usually supported. And conversions — if they’re going to happen on a phone — tend to happen within an hour. This all makes mobile marketing tricky.

With these challenges in mind, here are three things every financial adviser needs to be doing to take advantage of mobile’s growing role in lead generation:

1. Understand your prospects’ mobile usage
Your prospective clients will use different devices throughout the day. In the morning, they could be on a smartphone; during working hours, on a PC; and in the evening, on a tablet. All of these devices have different screen sizes. This has important implications for financial advisory firms. For example, if you’re sending out a newsletter at 6am, it should be formatted to look great on a small mobile device.

2. Optimise everything for mobile
Make sure you’re using responsive coding on your website so that it’s dynamically sizing for the device that the content is displaying on. If you’re using mobile for lead conversions, remember that anything created for a PC will be too small, especially the buttons. You need big and bold buttons. Also be sure that the navigation is as simple as possible.

3. Think like a publisher, but on a smaller screen
Your prospects read content in small pieces. With mobile devices, they’re reading in even smaller pieces. They’re often reading on a train or before a meeting starts, so they only have a few minutes. Make it matter, make it educational and make it something they can use today.

Using the above tips, you can boost your lead generation efforts and increase sales with the help of mobile marketing.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Goldmine Media

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