What do your target audience really want from your blog?

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One thing that happens to those who are new to blogging is not knowing what to write about or what content would best benefit their target audience.

It’s a good idea to think about what people want from your blog, otherwise you could possibly fail to attract new readers if you’re not aware of what they seek, and you might lose some of your current readers if you don’t meet or keep up with their expectations.

When talking about blogs, it’s important to know how readers see them. Some people read blogs to live other people’s experiences. Others look for tips they can apply to themselves. Several people look for business information, while there are many others who seek entertainment material.

Generally, people find a blog and become a regular reader because they value the content and the way in which it’s written, but wouldn’t it be great to actually know what your visitors want and to use this knowledge to attract them towards your blog for converting them into full-time readers?

Here are three ways that can help you find out what your target audience really want from your financial advisory blog:

1. Keyword research
Get to know what is trending by doing some keyword research on Google, as well as on your blog. Both types of search can help you.

Here’s how: if you find out what people are looking for right now, you can start covering those topics (supposing you haven’t already) and drive organic traffic to your blog. On the other hand, knowing what people have been looking for on your blog can point you towards popular topics which you can choose to cover more in-depth.

Of the free tools that can help you do the research, you may want to try out Google Trends, the already popular Google Analytics and your blog’s stats. These tools work for current and future visitors.

2. Check post traffic
Another indicator of what drives your visitors’ interest is the post traffic. Articles that readers find relevant and valuable will show an increased traffic volume compared to ones that are not so appealing. Therefore, keeping an eye on your blog’s traffic data from Google Analytics or the blog stats is always a good idea, which could help define or at least improve your content strategy.

One thing to bear in mind when talking about post traffic is how well you optimise your posts for search engines. By using relevant and targeted keywords, clearly expressing your ideas, using a catchy headline and setting helpful tags and image descriptions, you allow visitors to find more easily what they’re looking for.

3. Analyse engagement
The last point on our list (but definitely not one that should be neglected) is to analyse the engagement around your blog posts and around your readers’ reverberance in social media. To be more specific, take a look at the number of likes, shares and comments a post received directly on your blog, as well as on the social media channels where you shared it. Naturally, posts that sum up a lot of engagement have always proved themselves to be a hot topic for those engaging with them. Therefore, why not consider exploring more of these topics that your readers were so keen on?

These are some ideas on how to find out what your blog visitors are looking for. Remember, you can always test to see what works out best and let the results point you towards the direction worth following.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Goldmine Media

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